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Vote for James Roberts for Natick School Committee to Help Put a Stop to Secret Student Gender Transitions

On Tuesday, March 26, we need to elect James Roberts for Natick School Committee who promises to help put parents back in charge of their children. James will work hard for all families to:

When Natick school officials—directed by school policy—deceive parents about their children, they prioritize an ideology that pits children against their parents and tell kids that the government—not their parents—knows what’s best for them.

Under current school policies, the Natick School Committee supports the gender transition of your child at school without parental consent, a decision that’s much more complicated than just using “preferred pronouns.” 

All parents—not the government—are in the best position to understand the needs of their child. School policies that separate parents from their children are harmful to families. 

Our current Natick School Committee also supports policies that indoctrinate children as young as 7 years old in gender identity, with no choice for parents to exempt their child from these age-inappropriate, confusing gender lessons that can impact their mental health. Your taxpayer dollars should not be misused on a biased and potentially harmful education for your child. Parents urging caution about content want positive health outcomes for all students.

VOTE FOR JAMES ROBERTS FOR NATICK SCHOOL COMMITTEE on Tuesday, March 26, who promises to help put parents back in charge of their children! Subscribe to our weekly emails to stay informed.


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