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BREAKING NEWS: Parents Can Help Stop Dangerous Title IX Changes in Natick Public Schools—Act Before July 15!

Help Massachusetts and Natick parents get Title IX protections in our schools

Great news! We just learned that  Alliance Defending Freedom won an injunction against the Biden Administration’s dangerous rewrite of Title IX rules. 

The dangerous 2024 Title IX revisions mandate that biological males share bathrooms and locker rooms with girls, that schools hide children’s gender identity from their parents, and that biological boys compete in girls’ sports. But parents can help protect children in Natick Public Schools from these dangerous Title IX changes! 

Even though the injunction doesn’t apply to Massachusetts specifically, it does prohibit the new dangerous Title IX rules in schools that are attended by members of Young America’s Foundation and the children of Moms for Liberty members across all 50 states! 

Join before July 15 to help stop secret identity changes at school, locker room madness, and more!

The Department of Education’s Title IX rule was halted by a judge in federal court, prohibiting the Title IX rule changes from applying in certain states as well as EVERY SINGLE SCHOOL IN THE UNITED STATES attended by the children of Moms for Liberty members.

Since the injunction applies to school buildings and not school districts, you can help protect the school where your child attends. Moms for Liberty must deliver a list of all schools with their members to the judge by July 15, so if you aren’t already a Moms for Liberty member at large, PLEASE REGISTER NOW (dads can also join).

You can also text LIBERTY to 53445 to get more information and sign up! 

Becoming a national member at large of Moms for Liberty is FREE and will make sure your child’s school is included in the Title IX exemption. You aren’t obligated to do anything else as a member—your membership will simply provide you with news, updates, and access to exclusive trainings, tools and events from Moms for Liberty. It will help get us all on the path to protecting children from Title IX rewrites that put them at risk in school and in sports. 

Let’s help stop these dangerous Title IX changes from coming to Natick Public Schools! Become a champion and find another parent in every school in the district who can help with this initiative! Together, we must fight for healthy policies, parental rights, and the safeguarding of our children.

Please contact Parental Rights Natick before July 15 if you have questions. 

Will you also forward this to other concerned Natick parents to join this initiative?

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