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Why Do We Need a Group Like Parental Rights Natick?

Updated: Jan 28

Why do we need a group like Parental Rights Natick? Aren’t you just a “right wing” national organization? Parental Rights Natick is a nonpartisan Massachusetts-based non-profit 501(c)(4) dedicated to restoring healthy policies and unbiased education in our public schools.

Nonpartisan means you can align with us no matter what your political affiliation is or what other groups you belong to, as long as you support the organization’s mission and values—to reclaim Natick Public Schools from harmful policies and practices that take away your parental rights.

Healthy policies and unbiased education means removing indoctrination from the classroom and making sure Natick Public Schools is following its own policies for teaching social and controversial issues. It also means allowing parents to exercise their constitutional right to be in charge of their children's health, education and upbringing—especially around lessons and instruction that can impact their mental and physical health.

Parental rights in public education is a national issue that transcends political, racial, and economic divides. Our group is not affiliated with any national organizations, local organizations, or any “wings.”

Do you want to take away other parents’ rights? Why is it your objective to take away other parental rights? The Natick School Committee Policy Manual explicitly states that the School Committee commits to “promoting the rights and responsibilities of all individuals as set forth in the State and Federal Constitutions, pertinent legislation, and applicable judicial interpretations.”

The policy manual also states the School Committee's Code of Ethics duty is to “realize that their primary responsibility is to each and every one of the children in the Natick school system without distinction as to who they are or what their background may be.” 

We affirm all parents’ right to be in charge of their child’s care, education, and upbringing, and who are given the “natural” right to these responsibilities under the 14th Amendment to the Constitution. Public schools should not take away these guaranteed rights.

  • IT'S WRONG for the Natick School Committee, through bad policy, to allow children to secretly transition their gender at school without parental consent, when parents know what's best for their children. 

  • IT'S WRONG for the Natick School Committee to create a policy that divides parents and their children, especially when gender identity can be life-changing and is much more complicated than just using "preferred pronouns."

  • IT'S WRONG for Natick Public Schools teachers to ask children which pronouns they should use before contacting their parents (in case parents don't know their child is secretly identifying differently at school), which further divides families and undermines parental rights.

Parental exclusion policies also lose in the court of public opinion. According to a recent CRC Research poll:

  • 71% of voters support legislation requiring schools to inform parents if their child wants to change their gender identity.

  • 75% support requiring schools to get parental consent before helping a student change their gender identity.

  • 78% of registered voters agree with the statement “A child changing his or her gender identity has major long-term medical and psychological ramifications. Parents should know, and have an opportunity to be involved in, such an important aspect of their child’s well-being.”

Schools are not telling kids they have to fully accept a certain set of beliefs, ideas, values, and certain identities. Aren’t they just exposing them to the facts and that those things exist? Natick Public Schools is reading transgender-themed books like Call Me Max to 7-year-old second graders that promote biased concepts and controversial ideas about gender identity that may cause distress, confusion, and mental health issues for young students.

  • IT'S WRONG for the Natick School Committee, through bad policy, to support indoctrinating elementary-aged children in ideas that can impact their mental health, such as teacher-read stories that say: “When a baby grows up to be transgender, it means that the grown-up who said they were a boy or a girl made a mistake.”

  • IT'S WRONG for the Natick School Committee to not allow parents to exempt their children from gender lessons that teach these age-inappropriate, confusing, and controversial ideas when parents should be able to make these decisions.

We advocate for childhood innocence—not pushing confusing, ideological, age-inappropriate content onto children at school. Parents urging caution about content want positive health outcomes for all students.

To help solve this policy problem, Natick Public Schools should adopt our student exemption proposal. Similar to the sex ed opt-out the district offers to families, this proposal allows parents to decide when and how they want their children to learn about controversial concepts around gender identity that can impact their health.

Is your organization anti-LGBTQ+? Do you wish LGBTQ+ people didn’t exist? Why don’t you want people to learn about those who are different? Are your supporters transphobic? Parental Rights Natick and many of our supporters have friends, family members, colleagues, and business patrons of all persuasions, including folks in the LGBTQ+ community!

Phobia means an irrational fear. It's extremely rational and responsible to want schools to abolish destructive parental exclusion policies that take away parents' right to be in charge of their children. It's very rational to want to protect young children from age-inappropriate and confusing content that can impact their mental health.

We support parents—not schools—directing the care and upbringing of their children. We also raise our children to treat everyone with respect and compassion despite differences. These ideas can co-exist.

What type of issues are you focused on? Do you want all LGBTQ+ content removed from the schools? What's wrong with learning about "social justice" at school?

We're focused on initiatives that take away parental rights and most likely violate a current Natick school policy, a federal or Massachusetts law, or the U.S. Constitution. We're also focused on proposing fair, responsible, and common sense policies that support all students and families and abolishing destructive policies and practices that divide families and take away your parental rights.

We want Natick Public Schools to abolish its parental exclusion policy and adopt a parental notification policy that requires consent from you, the parent, if your child is socially transitioning his or her gender at school.

Natick Public Schools should also adopt our student exemption proposal. Similar to the sex ed opt-out the district offers to families, this proposal allows parents to decide when and how they want their children to learn about controversial concepts around gender identity that can impact their health.

Is your Report tool asking parents to target teachers? Do you want a network of anonymous informants providing salacious details about teachers in our classrooms?

We have a transparent Report tool on our website that allows Natick residents and taxpayers with children in the school system to share indoctrinating content, biased school materials, age-inappropriate lessons, and misleading communications with Parental Rights Natick to help us inform other concerned parents. We are not targeting or publishing names of teachers. In fact, we very much support teachers as a whole, but we know there are activist teachers who don't follow current school policies and practices for teaching social and controversial issues; we've reported real examples to school administrators in person and in writing and will continue to.

We also know there are many teachers who don't support the district's harmful policies and practices but are afraid to speak out because they could be maligned for simply standing up for children and parental rights.

We need to restore healthy policies and unbiased education and abolish parental exclusion policies and student indoctrination for all children in Natick Public Schools. These are the most important issues of our time in public education.


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