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Charles Becomes Charlotte and Darla is Now Darren in Natick Public Schools’ Health Curriculum “Gender” Video

Last week, we reported to parents and taxpayers that Natick Public Schools’ 5th and 6th grade middle school health curriculum indoctrinates children in biased and potentially harmful concepts about the so-called difference between sex and gender through a collection of classroom videos:  

Our investigative reporting also uncovered more of this indoctrinating gender content. In this Amaze Org animated video (Expressing Myself. My Way), Natick Public Schools’ middle school students are shown how innocently and easily a child can just change “who they really are.” Through a series of trial-and-error locker room changes, Charles becomes Charlotte, Darla is now Darren, and Skyler—well this kid isn't interested in either the boy or girl thing. Skyler wants “a new path” and “it isn’t one of those” and can also be different by the day!

As you can see, the district’s health instructional materials deliberately conflate and misrepresent ideas around biological sex, gender norms, and stereotyping to indoctrinate children in warped concepts about gender. With catchy, kid-friendly tunes to sing along to, children are now told that gender is simply about “originality” and each of us having “a style” no matter how you are born. 

Unfortunately, the only thing this indoctrinating video gets right is that these “non-binary” and transgender children get a lot of social media “likes” and attention as a result of their new identities. Sadly, gender confused children often receive an avalanche of artificial positive reinforcement once they declare a new trans or gender non-conforming status. After all, our schools are encouraging children to celebrate these misguided and potentially life-changing decisions.  

We've reached a pivotal point where Natick Public Schools are now taxpayer-funded indoctrination centers for radical gender ideology that’s creeping into all levels of our children’s education under the guise of diversity, equity and inclusion…and “originality” and “style.” And also according to this indoctrinating video shown to Natick middle schoolers, if you’re confused, well you “just don’t understand.”

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