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Help Parents Protect Children From Learning the Wrong Lessons in Natick Public Schools

As a local, nonpartisan, non-profit organization, Parental Rights Natick Inc. provides a public service to further the common good and general welfare of the people of the Natick community. We work to restore responsible education in our public schools, which includes healthy policies, non-political curriculum, and guaranteed parental rights.

Use our Report tool to help us educate other parents

Parents and grandparents can use our convenient transparency Report tool to anonymously share concerning school content with us. The information you report is delivered directly to Parental Rights Natick so we can help educate other parents, grandparents, and teachers who are parents first about all that’s being taught in Natick Public Schools.

The Report tool allows for anonymous submissions because many parents—some of whom are also NPS teachers and staff—are afraid to have their name associated with what they report. Unfortunately, this fear culture comes from parents being socially maligned for simply standing up for the health and wellbeing of their children and their constitutional right to guide the care, upbringing and education of their children.

Look at the real distress of NPS students and parents

Many parents have addressed the School Committee, the administration, and teachers about their concerns. In fact, in 2022, parents expressed deep concern to school administrators over the book Call Me Max being read to second graders (documented in public records):


"[child] gave a lot of pushback about going to school today because of a nightmare she had last night. She told me in her dream her teacher cut off all of her hair, put a wig on her, and made her be a boy. She told me she didn't want to go to school because that will happen. I stand very firm in thinking 7 years old is far too young for this topic.”

“When going through [child’s] school folder, I found a paper about ‘gender expression.’ I asked her what this was. She went on to tell me about a book that was read in class called Call Me Max about a person born a girl but is a boy. I was shocked and appalled that this is being taught to my 7 year old.”

“I’m writing because a colleague shared a concerning text with me about a book that was read to second graders called Call Me Max. Their second grade daughter came home and told their parents, my colleague, that they thought they were a boy. This is a very controversial topic, specifically the social contagion aspect of girls identifying as transgender…I would like the respect as a parent to discuss this with my children when I feel it’s appropriate.”


Consider the false premise of positive outcomes for all students

As in Call Me Max, learning the idea that a baby can be born “wrong” or that a child could embody neither gender or both genders can cause emotional distress for a child, can cause gender confusion for a child, can cause anxiety around gender for a child, and can lead a child on a path to possible long-term medical treatments that produce irreversible, negative health outcomes. Unfortunately, the district’s “inclusion” policies around gender identity are based on the false premise of positive outcomes for all students. They also don’t consider all students.

Last year, the schools seemed aware of parents’ concerns and students’ confusion but failed to grasp how serious and real it was. As one teacher stated to administrators (documented in public records):


I know parents are trying to ‘protect’ their children, but it’s definitely disheartening to hear about some of the responses. I’m wondering if there’s any research-based articles teachers can send in addition to these talking points explaining that books like Call Me Max only have positive impact on student learning and inclusivity.”


So, why in 2023 is Natick Public Schools still reading Call Me Max to 7 year olds, despite the fact that it can have such a negative impact on the mental health and well being of any child? And why won't the School Committee allow parents to opt their child out of this instruction? Maybe it’s the false premise because it's certainly not the law.

The School Committee should adopt healthier policies, such as our student exemption proposal for gender identity curriculum and content, which will help solve some of the problems that can seed confusion and distress in your child and also take away your constitutional right to direct the health and upbringing of your child.

We hope someday we won’t need a Report tool like the one we offer on our website. Until then, we’ll continue to provide this public service to help protect all children and parental rights for Natick families.

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