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Natick Teachers Can Use Their “Personal Libraries” for K-4 Classroom Discussions that Cover Gender/Sexual Identity!

Did you know that teachers in Massachusetts, including in Natick Public Schools, use their own money to pay for classroom items not supplied by school districts? While we commend NPS teachers for investing in the education of our children, we can’t overlook the concerning freedom teachers have in choosing materials that indoctrinate K-4 students in biased, controversial, and age-inappropriate gender ideology (with the "spectrum" of sexual identities sprinkled in).

NPS teachers using their “personal libraries” at school means there is no regulated content or standard guidelines in K-4 classrooms for how gender/sexual identity topics are discussed with students! And unfortunately, many parents are finding out about these age-inappropriate classroom discussions after they happen (which is a whole other problem around NPS education transparency and accountability).

Based on recent conversations Parental Rights Natick had with NPS school administrators, teachers can use their "professional judgement” and “personal libraries” (which they fund for their classrooms) to teach children about all sorts of ideas around gender/sexual identity. Teachers also have the authority to decide what materials and books to use outside of the base curriculum. So, if your K-4 child is participating in a civics or reading curriculum lab, teachers can use their personal libraries to read students biased, age-inappropriate books with this type of content:

4th grade NPS teacher-read book: If You’re a Kid Like Gavin

4th grade NPS teacher-read book: The Meaning of Pride

2nd grade NPS teacher-read book: Call Me Max

Many parents in Natick, across Massachusetts, and throughout the country are concerned about K-4 children being indoctrinated in controversial and age-inappropriate gender/sexual identity ideas. Parents and families with a variety of parenting styles typically decide when their own children are ready to learn about these health-related topics and how they want their children to think about these issues for their own safety and well-being. This is the primary reason why Natick Public Schools K-4 students shouldn’t be forced to sit through discussions that cover gender/sexual identity. 

Parents should have the option to exempt their children from these biased, age-inappropriate classroom discussions, even if teachers or the district intend these lessons to help with “community building.” Why would the Natick School Committee refuse to adopt our proposed policy that lets parents opt their own children out of gender content that may have a negative impact on their child’s health and well-being? Natick parents deserve options for their children, since they know what is best for them and should have primary authority over their care, education and upbringing. 

Natick Public Schools should focus on classroom community building and teaching children how to accept/understand differences without abandoning the basic principles of fairness for all families as well as the district’s responsibility to the health and well-being of all students.

Email the Natick School Committee at and contact your school administrators to voice your concerns and help restore unbiased education and healthy policies for all NPS families.

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