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Help Elect Natick School Committee Candidate James Roberts Who Opposes Harmful Gender Policies—Vote on March 26!

Gender activists, many Natick Public Schools administrators, and Massachusetts DESE seem committed to working against parents. 

By now, you may have heard that they support school policies that indoctrinate children in age-inappropriate, harmful gender concepts with no way for parents to shield their children from these mandatory, taxpayer-funded lessons. And they support school policies that separate children from their parents through secret “gender support plans” that keep students’ gender identity hidden from their parents. 

You might not know that the non-binary student population is up 392 percent in four years in Massachusetts Public Schools! Children are being confused about their gender through lessons in sex education classes, transgender-themed storybooks being read to elementary-aged students, gender-focused school programs and assemblies, and more.

It’s critical that we all work together to help abolish these harmful gender practices funded by taxpayer dollars. We’re committed to working on behalf of parents and families throughout the community to help restore parental rights and healthy school policies in Natick Public Schools.

Join the already hundreds of other like-minded parents in the coming months to:

  • Elect Natick School Committee candidate James Roberts who opposes harmful gender policies — vote on Tuesday, March 26!

  • Expose age-inappropriate, taxpayer-funded lessons about sex and gender in Natick Public Schools

  • Help other concerned parents challenge what’s happening in their child’s school around gender indoctrination and parental exclusion 

Will you also forward this email to one parent you know that may not be aware of these harmful gender policies in Natick Public Schools?

Contact us to become a Parental Rights Natick volunteer. And don’t forget to vote for James Roberts on March 26!


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