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Let's Continue to Fight for the Intellectual, Mental, and Physical Health of Our Children in Natick Public Schools!

We want to thank all of the courageous and committed parents, families, and voters in Natick who put support behind Parental Rights Natick and School Committee candidate James Roberts to help put parents back in charge of their children in Natick Public Schools.

Through your commitment to parental rights, child safety, and unbiased education, James was able to generate a lot of support—18.7% of the vote (1,300+)—and beat candidate Donna McKenzie. While these results are less than what we hoped, they don’t reflect many in our community who are unable to vote or those who simply don’t know enough about current Natick Public Schools policies. 

With your support these last six months, our organization received many monetary donations and words of encouragement. We’ve been able to educate a portion of the community about the district’s high-risk school policies and practices—excluding parents from changes to their child’s gender status at school and refusing to let parents exempt their children from curriculum that may confuse them about their gender and sexuality.

There is still much more work to do! 

If you're interested in volunteering for Parental Rights Natick in any capacity and can dedicate consistent time or resources to help, contact us or come to a monthly meeting as a place to start. We are fine tuning our vision for the future and looking for people who are committed to the cause for the long term. 

Parental Rights Natick will continue its mission to restore healthy policies and unbiased education in Natick Public Schools for all families. Please stay connected to our efforts and spread the word! 

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