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Natick Public Schools Indoctrinates Children About Life-Changing Gender Ideas

In Natick Public Schools, there’s an urgent need to address the current approach to gender identity education. Parents and caregivers should take action to advocate for the well-being of children and the rights of parents, with a focus on facts, fairness, common sense, and the impact of current educational policies.

Mandatory gender identity instruction is risky

Our school district’s policy that disallows parents to exempt their children from gender identity instruction is worrisome. This form of education, particularly for young children, can be the foundation for gender confusion, mental health issues, and the start of social gender transitioning. It's crucial to recognize that some teachings, like the concept of being born in the wrong body, identifying as both genders or being neither gender, can be perplexing and even distressing for children—especially those as young as seven years old in Natick Public Schools second-grade classrooms. 

Suppressive ideology ignores mental health and scientific perspectives

Natick Public Schools should support a diverse and balanced approach to life’s important questions as opposed to a suppressive ideology that asks everyone to accept only certain ideas that can be life changing. Science affirms the binary nature of gender, a fact that should be the cornerstone of gender education. Ignoring this can lead to a mental health crisis among some children, a risk that Natick Public Schools shouldn’t be willing to take. 

Research shows that a considerable portion of children identifying as transgender may have co-morbid mental health conditions that preceded the onset of gender dysphoria/gender confusion. And a recent study by the National Health Services of England has warned that most children who identify as transgender are experiencing a “transient phase.”

Taxpayer resources support a biased education

The current curriculum in Natick Public Schools, seemingly developed under the influence of special interest groups, uses taxpayer resources to propagate a specific political perspective on gender identity. This approach not only marginalizes diverse viewpoints but also raises questions about the appropriateness of using public funds for such purposes. Education should be balanced, fact-based, and free from ideological bias.

The school district decides which of your parental rights to take away

Your parental rights in the education of your child are fundamental. It’s imperative that you have the option to exempt your child from gender identity instruction, especially when it contradicts your beliefs or concerns about your child's well-being. Why does Natick Public Schools allow student exemption from sexual education but not gender identity instruction, when both subjects deserve significant guidance from parents and impact children’s mental and physical wellbeing? Why do all children need to accept one set of controversial ideas?

School leadership is failing certain families

Natick Public Schools’ leaders should prioritize the health and safety of all students by developing policies that respect scientific facts, cater to the mental health of all children, acknowledge parental rights around gender issues, and use taxpayer dollars for unbiased educational resources. 

Act to help guide positive changes to gender policies

As a community, we must advocate for practices that protect the well-being of our children and respect the rights of parents to make sure that education remains a tool for enlightenment, not indoctrination. Our proposed student exemption policy is a step in the right direction, allowing parents to shield their children from what they may view as harmful gender indoctrination.

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