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All Press is Good Press: Parental Rights Natick is Featured in The Nation (with "transphobia" tips from "Leslie")!

Parental Rights Natick made national headlines this week in a biased publication called The Nation, from the point of view of an anonymous source named "Leslie:"


We'd like to thank this American magazine with nearly one million subscribers for not only promoting our social welfare organization but for also reminding parents and taxpayers in Natick and across the country why grassroots groups like ours exist in the first place.

In this commentary, weak, agenda-driven journalism claims that "far-right activists are taking aim at the rights of LGBTQ kids in towns and school districts around the state." However, we know that parents and taxpayers aligned with local grassroots groups like Parental Rights Natick want to elevate school curriculum and protect children from indoctrination in ideas that may harm their mental and physical health.

Not surprisingly, The Nation commentary (and the anonymous source named "Leslie") also mischaracterizes the concerns of many parents in the Natick community for whom we spoke at that 2023 school council meeting. With PFLAG telling NPS children to view gender and sex with "blurry boundaries" and "lots of options," it was time to take a stand on the district's indoctrination of children disguised as diversity, equity and inclusion. To set the record straight, here's what we really said (transcript) about that middle school PFLAG assembly:


We'd also like to thank The Nation for reminding parents and taxpayers about Natick Public Schools' harmful and divisive Gender Identity Support Policy that lets children change their gender identity at school without parental consent.

In March, the Natick School Committee, school administrators, and Natick town officials including the police chief and the director of public health received this 15-page legal letter about the risks and harms associated with the school district's Gender Identity Support Policy. The legal letter rightfully argues for the district to abolish secret social gender transitions of minor children at school without parental involvement.

As a community, we need to come together to help Parental Rights Natick elevate school curriculum, protect children from indoctrination, and restore healthy policies in Natick Public Schools for all familieseven if "Leslie" disagrees.

Email the Natick School Committee at and your school administrators to voice your concerns and objections to controversial gender curriculum and harmful school policies.

Will you also forward this to other concerned Natick parents to help them stay informed and sign up to receive our weekly emails


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