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Natick Public Schools Allows Children to Change Their Name and Gender at School Without Legal Documentation or Parental Consent

As you probably know, we've been reporting on Natick Public Schools’ harmful and divisive Gender Identity Policy and related support plans that can keep parents in the dark about their child changing his/her gender status at school without parental consent or involvement. 

Last month, Natick School Committee Chair Shai Fuxman received this 15-page legal letter arguing the risks and harms associated with the school district's current Gender Identity Policy. Natick town officials, including school administrators, the police chief, and the director of public health also received a copy of this letter.

Did you know that a critical component of a minor child’s gender support plan in Natick Public Schools may include changes to his/her name and gender identity markers used in communication with and about the minor child (student)? This information on how the student will be referred to and to whom this information will be conveyed is included in the planning and communication plan developed with the minor child (student). 

Did you also know that Natick Public Schools doesn't require legal documentation to change a student's name or gender on the student’s educational record?! In fact, according to the 15-page legal letter the district received, Natick Public Schools’ Gender Identity Policy appears to interfere with parental rights recognized in Massachusetts law requiring a parent to file a court case to change their child’s legal name until the child becomes 18 years or older.

So, the district’s name change process for minor children (students) doesn’t involve a legal process and can also exclude parents!

The Natick Public Schools’ Gender Identity Policy that fails to require parental notice and consent to a minor child’s desire for social transitioning, including a name-change at school, creates unnecessary risks for children by making decisions about their gender identity without the guidance of their parents. As a community, we must advocate for school policies practices that protect the well-being of children and respect the rights of parents.

Parental Rights Natick will continue its mission to restore healthy policies and unbiased education in Natick Public Schools for all families. Please consider donating to help us educate the community on these harmful parental exclusion gender policies and practices. Together, we can make a difference.

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