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Natick Public Schools are now taxpayer-funded indoctrination centers for radical gender ideology that ban parental opt-outs!

Natick Public Schools have become taxpayer-funded indoctrination centers for radical gender ideology that’s creeping into all levels of our children’s education under the guise of diversity, equity and inclusion. 

We’ve reached a pivotal point where adults in positions of authority are imposing anti-science, politically motivated, age-inappropriate ideas devoid of real education on other people’s children through high-risk school policies and supporting practices. 

Through our reporting, you might already know that Natick Public Schools is indoctrinating impressionable 2nd graders in biased and potentially harmful gender concepts within the context of “Unpacking Your Culture” lessons. Seven-year-old students are learning things like “when a baby grows up to be transgender, it means that the grown-up who said they were a boy or a girl made a mistake.”  (Teacher-read book: Call Me Max by Kyle Lukoff)

However, you might not know that in 4th grade civics curriculum lab, young children are being taught that “Pride” can mean things like being “an activist,” or “a drag queen” and that sexual identities such as asexual, pansexual and bisexual should be celebrated and welcomed. (Teacher-read book: The Meaning of Pride by Rosiee Thor)

The 5th and 6th grade middle school health curriculum is equally indoctrinating. Through a plethora of biased, gender-focused videos (see links below) and materials, children are learning warped, anti-science gender concepts in health class, such as: 

“Genitals and body don’t actually reflect anything about a person’s gender at all.” (Minus18 Video: What are Pronouns?)

 “Our sex assigned at birth…is based on how someone else sees our bodies.” (Amaze Org Video: Sex Assigned at Birth and Gender Identity: What’s the Difference?)

“Back in your day, most people understood the world in terms of just boys and girls. But now we know gender is more complex than that…” (Amaze Org Video: Range of Gender Identities)

It’s bad enough that Natick Public Schools imposes curriculum that may sow gender confusion in vulnerable and impressionable children, with no room for diverse viewpoints or critical thinking in the classroom around these controversial concepts. 

To make matters worse, the district also bans parents from opting their children out of learning these radical and potentially harmful gender lessons. Not only is the district disrespecting certain parents and families who deserve equality and authority over the education an wellbeing of their own children and who find these gender concepts harmful, but it’s also devaluing and ignoring the safety of certain children to “support” and “include” others.

We’d love to hear what you and other like-minded parents have to say about these unfair high-risk gender practices and more! Please contact us and let us know what your biggest frustrations, worries, and fears are about what your children are learning in Natick Public Schools. We're available to talk confidentially, have coffee, or host a meeting for groups of parents to learn more. 

Parental Rights Natick will continue its mission to restore healthy policies and unbiased education in Natick Public Schools for all families.

Stay connected to our efforts through our weekly updates and community events—and spread the word to get others to sign up to receive our emails! Together, we can help stop the ideological capture of our children.


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