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NATICK PUBLIC SCHOOLS GENDER INDOCTRINATION: Blurry boundaries/lots of options for kids, hormone blockers for young people, mistakes about babies' gender, and more!

Natick Public Schools uses biased, taxpayer funded curriculum and instructional materials to indoctrinate children in controversial, age-inappropriate gender ideology that may impact their health.

2nd grade “Unpacking Your Culture” lesson: Grown-ups can make mistakes about babies’ gender (transgender-themed book Call Me Max)

5th grade health lesson plan: Gender isn’t binary and is decided by your brain (The Genderbread Person teaching aid)

6th grade health lesson plan: Potential role of hormone blockers on young people who identify as transgender (current NPS health curriculum posted online)

Middle school assembly: Gender has no boundaries/boxes; lots of options and possibilities; infants and kids with infinite in-betweens and blurry boundaries (2022 PFLAG educational slide) 

Parents who urge caution about content want positive health outcomes for all children. Education should be safe, fact-based and free from ideological bias. It's also crucial to recognize that certain confusing and controversial gender concepts can be distressing for children and may cause mental health struggles—especially for those as young as seven years old in Natick Public Schools second-grade classrooms.

These materials have already upset children and distressed parents (public records, September 2022):

Yet, the current Natick School Committee refuses to allow parents to opt their children out of taxpayer-funded biased and controversial gender ideology lessons. How is this decision safe and inclusive?

On March 26, we urgently need to elect James Roberts for Natick School Committee who promises to support a student exemption policy for biased and controversial gender ideology instruction. PLEASE VOTE!


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