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Natick Public Schools is Charging Taxpayer Parents $45,994 to See Indoctrinating Gender Materials

In Natick Public Schools, there’s an urgent need to address the current approach to gender education policies and practices. Something is very wrong when parents have to fund a mandatory biased education for their children and can't easily get access to the potentially harmful materials they help pay for.

  • Parents (as taxpayers) must fund the gender indoctrination of children 

  • Parents lose the right to exempt their children from gender indoctrination

  • Parents must pay money to see gender indoctrination school materials 

The current curriculum and instructional materials used by Natick Public Schools, seemingly developed under the influence of special interest groups, uses taxpayer resources to propagate a specific—and potentially harmful—political perspective on gender identity.

Biased teachings, like the concept of being born in the wrong body, identifying as both genders or being neither gender, can be perplexing and even distressing for children—especially those as young as seven years old being read Call Me Max in Natick Public Schools second-grade classrooms. 

Indoctrination around the concept of gender identity also raises questions about the appropriateness of using public funds for such purposes. Education should be safe, balanced, fact-based, and free from ideological bias.

Almost as concerning is how difficult it is for parents to get access to the gender identity resources Natick Public Schools uses to indoctrinate children. The district claims it believes in transparency but hides public records behind costly paywalls. Can you believe Natick Public Schools is asking parents to pay more than $45,000 just to see what gender instructional materials elementary school teachers are using? 

Here’s how Natick Public Schools justifies this fee in a public records request (which is under appeal with the State): 

It's clear that school leadership is failing many families. As a taxpayer and a parent, not only is your child is forced to learn biased and potentially harmful gender concepts but you also have no way to shield them from this mandatory indoctrination. And to top it all off, you need to pay exorbitant fees if you want a deeper look at what information your child is being exposed to that you are forced to fund as a taxpayer?!

As a community, we must advocate for practices that protect the well-being of children and respect the rights of parents to make sure that education remains a tool for enlightenment, not indoctrination. Our proposed student exemption policy is a step in the right direction, allowing parents to shield their children from what they may view as harmful gender instruction.

Another very important step is for parents, grandparents, and taxpayers to vote (in March) for School Committee candidates who care about a safe and unbiased education for all children and stand up for parental rights!


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