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Natick Public Schools Scraps Science for Fictional Planned Parenthood Definition of Sex (Hint: Biology Be Damned)!

For weeks, we’ve been reporting to parents and taxpayers that Natick Public Schools’ middle school health curriculum indoctrinates children in biased and potentially harmful concepts about the so-called difference between sex and gender through a collection of classroom videos, including this video that tells children that “our sex assigned at birth…is based on how someone else sees our bodies.”

To add fuel to the fire, we’ve also uncovered that Natick Public Schools middle school health teachers are using ideological and inaccurate Planned Parenthood and Boston Medical Center resources to convince 6th graders that a person’s sex is “decided by someone else” when you are born. Health teachers are also referring to sex-based anatomy as “male/female assigned at birth anatomy” in communications to families and in the classroom.

According to the Planned Parenthood resource used by Natick Public Schools to "teach" 6th graders about sex, using the phrase “assigned male/female at birth” acknowledges that someone like a doctor is making a decision for someone else about their sex! What this implies, of course, is that you can simply choose what you want your sex to be. After all, why let a doctor decide for you, especially since it really has nothing to do with your DNA, anatomy, or chromosomes. Elective surgery with life-altering consequences that make you a life-long medical patient can simply just help you turn yourself into whatever sex you think suits you.   

The NPS health resource from Boston Medical Center—a medical institution—says it’s not just gender that is so-called fluid, but sex is also not a fixed, concrete concept, and science and biology aren't valid. Not only doesn’t the reference from Boston Medical Center even mention DNA in its definition of sex, but it dismisses science in favor of ideological fiction.

To keep this charade going, NPS health teachers are also referring to sex-specific genitals as “male/female assigned at birth anatomy” in communications to families and in the classroom. Here, you can see this fiction-as-fact information published in a newsletter families received this week:

To give credit where credit is due, the leaders in charge of Natick Public Schools health curriculum are smart enough to know that sex is not “assigned at birth” by a doctor who simply decides for you. And they should know that sex is defined by a person’s DNA that encodes a specific anatomy to do bodily functions. This is fundamental biology: genotype to phenotype. Sex can’t be changed and sex is not assigned. Sex is a scientific definition specifically defined by an individual's DNA.  

Do Natick Public Schools' health teachers know the same goes for all living sexually reproducing species? Do we need to remind them that this is how we can determine the sex of a mouse? We can figure out if it’s male or female by isolating DNA from cells anywhere on its body and testing if there are two X chromosomes or an X and Y chromosome. The sex of the mouse isn’t assigned; it is defined by the DNA. 

Where is the accountability for what is being taught to young children in Natick Public Schools? NPS students are on the path to scientific illiteracy, and district leaders are on board with it. After all, they decided on this anti-science curriculum that our taxpayer dollars are funding. Why is this ideological fiction and potentially harmful health content being used in Natick Public Schools' classrooms? Why are our taxpayer dollars funding this sub-standard education and the indoctrination of our children? I think we all know the answer. 

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