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New Poll Shows Systemic Bias Against Parents in Schools!

The February 2024 Pew Research Center report, "Race and LGBTQ Issues in K-12 Schools," provides a glaring spotlight on the deeply entrenched issues and conflicts within our educational system, particularly emphasizing the diminishing influence of parental rights in the face of growing bureaucratic overreach and the contentious inclusion of race, sexual orientation, and gender identity topics in school curriculum. 

Here in our community, we know that Natick Public Schools ideological curriculum is indoctrinating children in biased and controversial gender and sexual identity concepts that conflict with many families’ moral, philosophical, or religious beliefs or don't align with their parenting styles around these issues. To make matters worse, the district also refuses to allow parents to exempt their children from these biased and controversial lessons, which can invite further harm to their parenting approach, their ability to direct the upbringing of their children according to their values, and their parent-child relationships.

As we dissect the findings of the Pew Research Center report, a concerning picture emerges—one where the core values and rights of parents to oversee their children's education are being systematically eroded.

Teachers and Controversial Minefields

One of the most alarming revelations from the Pew Research Center report is that 41% of teachers believe the ongoing debates around race and LGBTQ+ issues in education negatively impact their ability to teach effectively. This statistic is not just a mere reflection of the challenges educators face; it also highlights a disturbing inclination toward embracing and engaging in controversial topics without sufficient parental knowledge or consent.

We know that since Natick Public Schools doesn’t have a formal process or standard curriculum for how elementary-aged children across the district are being taught these often age-inappropriate gender and sexual identity concepts, many parents are not aware of what their child is learning in the classroom or learn after the fact if their child decides to tell them. Did you know NPS teachers are allowed to use their “personal libraries” (which they fund) to teach K-4 students about gender identity and sexual orientation? 

This trend in schools undermines the foundational role of parents in their children's education, sidelining their rights and perspectives in favor of a one-size-fits-all approach that may not align with families' values and beliefs or that certain families know to be age-inappropriate for their children.

Fractures in the Parent-School Partnership 

The distancing of parental influence in favor of bureaucratic dictates fundamentally disrupts the traditional partnership between educators and families. This systemic bias directed against parents represents a disturbing trend where the educational system, in its pursuit of diversity, equity, and inclusion, inadvertently marginalizes the very stakeholders it purports to serve. The findings from the Pew Research Center call for a pressing reevaluation of the balance between ensuring a comprehensive education that respects diversity and upholding the rights of parents to participate actively and decisively in their children's educational journey.

To that end, Natick Public Schools should uphold its claim in a recent health newsletter to middle school families—supporting “a strong partnership with families” to help students develop life skills and identify healthy behaviors and recognizing that “each family has its own values and beliefs about health topics including sex and sexuality.” 

In light of the Pew Research Center findings, it’s imperative that the Natick School Committee and our educators uphold the importance of parent partnerships in the educational process, restore healthy policies and unbiased curriculum, and support an educational system that truly serves the best interests of all students.

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