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On March 26, Help Elect Natick School Committee Candidates Who Oppose Harmful Gender Policies

You may have already seen our warnings about Natick Public Schools’ policies that encourage or require district personnel to keep students’ gender transition status hidden from their parents. 

And you may have heard that our schools are indoctrinating children as young as 7 years old in gender identity concepts, which may harm their mental health.


The Natick School Committee enforces destructive gender policies and practices that:

  • Allow students to secretly transition their gender/sexual identity without parental consent, which may encourage children to lead a psychologically harmful "double life.”

  • Indoctrinate children as young as 7 years old in gender ideology, teaching them gender is arbitrary and babies can be born wrong, which may also harm their mental health.

  • Refuse parents the right to exempt their children from harmful gender indoctrination in school, even though we’ve proposed a student exemption policy to solve this problem.

  • Use taxpayer resources to teach a specific political perspective on gender identity, which fund biased and potentially harmful indoctrinating gender instructional materials.


  • On Tuesday, March 26, please go to the polls and vote for Natick School Committee candidates who support the guaranteed rights of parents to guide the education, care and upbringing of their children. 

  • Will you also forward this email to one parent you know that may not be aware of these harmful gender policies in Natick Public Schools?

As a community, we must spread awareness and bring about much needed change to Natick Public Schools’ harmful gender policies that indoctrinate children and allow secrets to be kept from parents about their child’s mental health.

On March 26, help do everything you can to reclaim our schools from radical and irresponsible Natick School Committee members. Vote in our local election!

Become a Parental Rights Natick volunteer to join other like-minded parents and caregivers fighting to abolish harmful gender school policies and taxpayer-funded student indoctrination.


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