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See How Natick Public Schools' "Health" Lessons Tell Children to Celebrate and Advocate for Gender Ideology!

Last week, we reported to parents and taxpayers that Natick Public Schools’ middle school health curriculum indoctrinates children in biased and potentially harmful concepts about the so-called difference between sex and gender through a collection of classroom videos. These health instructional videos deliberately conflate and misrepresent ideas around biological sex, gender norms, and stereotyping to indoctrinate children in warped concepts about gender. 

Our investigative reporting also confirms that ideological school curriculum is telling children to celebrate these misguided and potentially life-changing gender decisions and to be an “ally”— regardless of if these decisions are unsafe and unhealthy for children, conflict with families’ moral/religious beliefs, or are just biased and wrong. 

A Natick Public Schools 6th grade health exercise titled: “Creating a Safe, Positive School” Project tells children to construct “a message that is celebratory, inclusive, and wants to change a belief…to stand up to stereotypes and discrimination” where students can write about the “Queer Community - Sexual Orientation or Gender Identity or Gender Expression.” As you can see, through the school project guidelines, middle-school aged children are being indoctrinated in gender ideology when instructed to celebrate gender confused students and accept biased and potentially harmful ideas around gender to “stand up to stereotypes and discrimination.” 

Another NPS middle school health curriculum exercise has children learning the “correct” vocabulary words related to gender and sexual identity to “avoid misuse” and “promote understanding.” It’s not surprising that many of the terms young students are forced to learn to “reduce some of that confusion” are unscientific and ideological, such as sex assigned at birth, gender identity, and cisgender. On top of that, how does the term ally—one of the health curriculum vocabulary words—supposedly help children avoid all of this so-called confusion and stereotyping, if that’s really the point of the lesson plan? Ally is now a vocabulary word that explains differences between gender and sexual identities? 

While Natick Public Schools claims it’s just teaching terms and definitions (even though many are biased and unscientific) to children to avoid confusion, the district is really indoctrinating young students in a politically motivated social justice model of gender ideology—so much so that allyship and celebration are infused in the health curriculum. In fact, according to Wikipedia, allyship is “an English-language neologism used in contemporary social justice activism to describe efforts by groups of people to advance the interests of marginalized groups both in society at large and in particular social contexts…” 

Finally, these indoctrinating health lesson plans also tell teachers to ask middle-school students “who gets to decide a person’s gender identity?”—and of course the answer is “the person does” because according to this warped and biased ideology promoted in Natick Public Schools health curriculum, you can self-identify your gender. 

If you support safeguarding children and the right of parents to direct the care and upbringing of their children, help us continue our mission to restore healthy policies and unbiased education in Natick Public Schools for all families. Stay connected to our efforts through our weekly email updates and community events!

Will you also forward this to other concerned Natick parents to help them stay informed and sign up to receive weekly emails from Parental Rights Natick? 


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