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Sequel to WMS PTO Chick-fil-A Saga: Despite Bylaws, Natick High School PTSO Also Supports Biased Boycotts!

Bias has run amok in Natick Public Schools, and our children and families are paying the price—literally!

Parent donations may fund partisan PTO decisions

Last week, we reported to parents (many of whom are PTO donors and supporters) that Natick’s Wilson Middle School PTO decided to cancel its end-of-year Chick-fil-A fundraiser “in the spirit of diversity, equity and inclusion.”

Apparently, the Chick-fil-A core values aren’t good enough for the WMS PTO or welcome at Wilson Middle School itself. But the more concerning issue is if NPS PTOs are making biased and partisan fundraising/spending decisions that impact parent donations from diverse families. 

Our reporting on WMS PTO’s misguided decision to boycott Chick-fil-A over “values” generated a lot of interest—more than 850 visits to our website blog post along with 240 comments to our social media post on The REAL Natick Talks!!!! 

The social media debate about the Chick-fil-A boycott inspired us to ask the WMS PTO for a copy of its bylaws. As of today, we haven't seen a response from the PTO or received a copy of those bylaws....However, we did see a troubling post from the Natick High School PTSO president who says boycotting businesses such as Chick-fil-A—based on partisan views—is something she would advocate for. 

All parents who are potential NHS PTSO donors/supporters should be concerned about this biased approach, not just because it’s wrong on its face but also because the NHS PTSO bylaws say the organization “shall be noncommercial, nonsectarian, and nonpartisan.”

To be fair, why should our NPS PTOs think objectivity and impartiality is important when it comes to supporting all NPS families when the schools themselves don't uphold these principles either?

Taxpayer dollars fund biased, controversial curriculum

We already know Natick Public Schools are using our taxpayer dollars to purchase materials that indoctrinate children in biased and controversial gender ideology (as well as fake science about biological sex being “assigned at birth”), with no option for parents to exempt their children from these age-inappropriate and far from rigorous lessons. 

This, despite the fact that Natick Public Schools has policies for teaching social and controversial issues, which clearly state “the reasoned arguments of all sides of an issue are given equal presentation and emphasis in classroom discussions” and “teachers must refrain from using their positions to express partisan points of view.”

There is no accountability by the Natick School Committee for the biased and controversial gender ideology being taught to young children in Natick Public Schools. And NPS students are on the path to scientific illiteracy along with potential confusion around sex/gender with ideas that say sex is “assigned at birth” by a person—DNA be damned!

The district’s diversity and inclusion farce has gone on far too long! Your children, your tax dollars, and your PTO donations deserve better.

Email the Natick School Committee at and contact your school administrators to help restore unbiased education and healthy policies for all NPS families.

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