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Why are Children Allowed to Lead a "Double Life" Through Natick Public Schools' Parental Exclusion Gender Policy?

All parents and caregivers should be concerned about Natick Public Schools' gender identity policy and related gender support plan! This harmful policy:

  • Excludes parents

  • Divides families

  • Allows children to lead a "double life"

Not only is leading a double life harmful to children's mental health, but changing your gender is much more complicated than just using "preferred pronouns."

Under the district's current harmful gender identity policy that divides families,  school personnel let students decide if their parents should be notified about changing his/her gender at school. Natick Public Schools shouldn't betray parents' trust by hiding information about their children that impacts their mental health. 

We need to put parents back in charge of their children!

On March 26, please vote for James Roberts for Natick School Committee who promises to help fix this harmful policy and advocate for required parental consent for student gender transitions.

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