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Why is a Natick Teacher Attacking Natick Parents?

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

Parents and grandparents, have you seen this recorded portion of the October 23 Natick School Committee meeting of the teacher representative (who is also the district union co-president) pushing lies about Parental Rights Natick and its supporters?!

Why is a teacher in his professional capacity making baseless attacks against a group composed of religiously and ethnically diverse Natick parents in a public forum? Watch his remarks right after the Chair speaks.


LIE: We're posting "exaggerations, rumors, innuendos and flat out lies on public forums" and peddling "scary stories about teachers and schools" for "political reasons."

TRUTH: We publish nonpartisan content that impacts all families such as public records excerpts, real legal statements, our policy proposals, current NPS policies, and important information about harmful NPS practices, such as the destructive parental exclusion policy that takes away your right as a parent to consent to your child socially transitioning at school.

In fact, DESE guidance to public schools, which is included in the district’s Gender Identity Support Policy, says that a letter from a clergy member, coach, family friend or relative stating that the student has asked to be treated consistent with his/her asserted gender identity, or photos at public events or family gatherings are forms of potential gender confirmation. In essence, school administrators and Massachusetts bureaucrats can decide that your child can transition his or her gender at school without you knowing!


LIE: We're creating a "pretense for outrage that nefarious things are happening in Natick’s classrooms."

TRUTH: We know that NPS elementary school teachers are reading transgender-themed books like Call Me Max to 7-year-olds that say you might not be a boy or a girl, or you could be a little bit of both or neither, and that when babies are born, sometimes adults make mistakes about your gender. We know through public records that children of NPS parents have been distressed and confused by this harmful, age-inappropriate content.

We submitted a student exemption proposal to the district to allow you, as a parent, to opt your child out of this content so you can discuss this topic with your child based on your own values and beliefs and when you feel your child is ready to learn about it; NPS has ignored our request. This takes away your constitutional right as a parent to guide the health, education, and upbringing of your child.


LIE: We're "soliciting reports from parents, families, and children about school staff" and "want a network of anonymous informants providing salacious details about [teachers] in our classrooms."

TRUTH: We have a transparent Report tool on our website that allows Natick residents and taxpayers with children in the school system to share indoctrinating content, political school materials, and misleading communications with Parental Rights Natick to help us inform other concerned parents. We are not targeting or publishing names of teachers. In fact, we very much support teachers as a whole, but we know there are activist teachers who don't follow current NPS policies and practices for teaching controversial issues; we've reported real examples to school administrators in person and in writing and will continue to.

We also know there are many teachers who don't support the district's harmful policies and practices but are afraid to speak out because they could be maligned like Parental Rights Natick was by this teacher for simply standing up for children and parental rights.


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