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Parents, Help Us Give the Gift of Much Needed Natick Public Schools Policy Transparency to All!

It’s the season of gratitude and giving—we’re thankful for all the families who are helping us put parents back in charge of their child’s education in Natick Public Schools. One way we can continue to do this is by helping our fellow parents and community members receive more public school transparency and accountability!

Donations like yours to Parental Rights Natick Inc. support a much needed public service for Natick families:

Parents deserve to see public records that show their real concerns

Your gift will help us get to the truth about public sentiment and the new flag policy. When the Natick School Committee passed the proclamation to fly only the Progress Pride flag alongside the American flag on all school flagpoles, we knew we should find out more about how parents throughout the community really feel about this decision.

We know that from June 20 through September 30, there were 2,796 email communications between the community and the district about the Progress Pride flag/policy. It’s pretty safe to say these are all not filled with praise!

While the district claims it believes in transparency, it’s hiding correspondence behind costly paywalls—Natick Public Schools wants us to pay $800 for these public records (we filed multiple appeals with the State to have NPS reduce/waive this unreasonable fee).

Parents deserve to know about harmful gender policies

Your gift will help us create communications that educate Natick parents on harmful Natick Public Schools gender policies.

A recent parental rights legal victory in Wisconsin should be a lesson for Natick Public Schools.

Parents also deserve to know that NPS second graders are learning that children might be a little bit of both genders or neither gender and sometimes adults make mistakes about your gender. Natick Public Schools promotes only this controversial view of gender, which can seed gender confusion and distress in any child—a gateway to secretive social transitioning at school. Public records prove that parents and children are already distressed.

Schools can and should insist that every child be treated respectfully without sowing gender confusion in an entire student population.

Successful school polices value the safety of all students. Thank you for helping us protect all children and restore parents' rights in Natick Public Schools.

Donate today! In March, be sure to vote for School Committee candidates who care about all children and stand up for parental rights.


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