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Read All About It: Natick’s Wilson Middle School PTO Boycotts Chick-fil-A Fundraiser Over “Values”!

Exclusion disguised as inclusion is alive and well in Natick Public Schools. So much so that last week, the Wilson Middle School PTO decided to cancel its end-of-year Chick-fil-A fundraiser “in the spirit of diversity, equity and inclusion.” 

Apparently, the Chick-fil-A core values aren’t good enough for the WMS PTO parent volunteers or welcome at Wilson Middle School itself. But which Chick-fil-A values are we talking about here?

According to its website, Chick-fil-A supports an "inclusive culture" and a “culture of belonging.” We’re 100% certain that this is the same type of culture Natick Public Schools has been promoting to indoctrinate children in biased and controversial gender ideology (to foster belonging, NPS also supports scientific illiteracy by teaching fake science about biological sex in health class, but that’s for another story that we’ll continue to report on). 

Chick-fil-A also believes in a work culture where everyone is treated with “honor, dignity, and respect.” Well, what do you know! Respect is also perfectly aligned with Wilson Middle School’s core values! 

This has us wondering….is it Chick-fil-A’s Christian corporate purpose that just doesn’t sit right with Wilson Middle School and its PTO parent volunteers?

Moreover, would the WMS PTO cancel a fundraiser with a Jewish company? Or one with a Muslim-owned business? We certainly hope not. 

One thing we know for certain: Parents and taxpayers don’t need virtue signaling from our PTOs on values; our elementary and middle-school children don’t deserve indoctrination by Natick Public Schools in harmful and age-inappropriate gender ideology to be “inclusive.” 

Parental Rights Natick and the families we fight for know what real inclusion is and how our schools should practice it (it looks like Wilson Middle School and its PTO could use some help, though). 

As a community, it’s time to stand up to Natick Public Schools’ inclusion farce, which continues to dismiss the safety and inclusion of students and parents with different beliefs around biased and controversial gender ideology. And whose values deserve a place in a school culture that supposedly strives to “be thoughtful, inclusive, and focused on serving our community and school in the best way possible.”

Email the Natick School Committee at and contact your school administrators to fight for unbiased education and healthy policies for all families.

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