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Social Media Shocker (Maybe Not?!): Natick School Committee Member Denies Sex is Determined by DNA!

Updated: May 28

Natick School Committee member promotes false ideas about biological sex

Parents and taxpayers, have you seen these outrageous social media posts on The Real Natick Talks!!!! from Natick School Committee member Cathi Collins?! She says biological sex isn’t determined by DNA! Read her comments in response to our reporting below: 

Education excellence has left the building, folks. According to our sitting Natick School Committee member, sex is a social construct and science is a straw man argument. Cathi asked us where we are getting our scientific definition of sex and if we know how the process of science really works!? If science itself doesn’t convince Cathi, perhaps these high school biology slides will?

NPS health curriculum indoctrinates children in false ideas about biological sex

Last week, we accurately reported to Natick taxpayers and parents that Natick Public Schools middle school health teachers are using these ideological Planned Parenthood and Boston Medical Center resources to indoctrinate children in confusing, fictional ideas that say a person’s sex is “decided by someone else” when you are born. 

However, it seems we mistakenly said that the leaders in charge of Natick Public Schools health curriculum are smart enough to know that sex is not “assigned at birth” by a doctor who simply decides for you regardless of your DNA. We also assumed our NPS leaders know that sex is defined by a person’s DNA that encodes a specific anatomy to do bodily functions—a person’s sex is called his or her sex because of sexual reproduction, and it takes two opposite sexes to reproduce based on their DNA. Sex isn’t assigned at birth. Sex can’t be changed. 

Is a Natick School Committee member with this type of bias who is deciding the health content young children are learning in Natick Public Schools qualified to choose objective and rigorous curriculum that supports unbiased education and scientific literacy, not to mention the health of NPS children?

Natick taxpayer dollars are funding scientific illiteracy and sex/gender indoctrination

Where is the Natick School Committee’s accountability for what is being taught to young children in Natick Public Schools? NPS students are on the path to scientific illiteracy along with potential confusion around sex/gender, and district leaders are on board with it. After all, they decided on all of this biased, anti-science curriculum that our taxpayer dollars are funding. Why is this ideological fiction and potentially harmful health content being used in Natick Public Schools' classrooms? Why are our taxpayer dollars funding this sub-standard education and the indoctrination of our children?

Email the Natick School Committee at and your school administrators to fight for education excellence and rigorous curriculum for our children! As a community, we need to come together to help Parental Rights Natick continue its mission to restore healthy policies and unbiased education in Natick Public Schools for all families.

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