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Sowing Harmful Gender Confusion in An Entire Natick Public Schools Population is Risky and Wrong

It's unsafe to teach an entire school population, including 7-year-olds, that a baby can be born in the wrong body, that a child can embody neither gender or both genders, or that a child’s “pronouns" don’t align with his/her biological sex. But Natick Public Schools promotes only this controversial view of gender, which can seed gender confusion and distress in any child—a gateway to secretive social transitioning at school without required parental consent (another harmful NPS policy)!

Natick Public Schools can choose to fix a school environment that breeds gender confusion and social contagion by:

Teaching controversial gender ideology violates school policies

Did you know Natick Public Schools has policies for teaching controversial issues that the district isn’t following? Instead of making sure “the reasoned arguments of all sides of an issue are given equal presentation and emphasis in classroom discussions,” schools promote gender identity concepts based on one set of controversial ideas:

Science tells us gender is binary. Scholars and researchers show us that:

If Natick Public Schools wants to teach potentially harmful gender concepts to all students, which the law doesn’t require, why aren’t these important facts and points of view that protect children also being talked about?

Teaching harmful gender ideology can pose health risks for any child

An amicus brief by The Manhattan Institute submitted to the United States Court of Appeals for the First Circuit for a Ludlow, Massachusetts lawsuit points out that “social transition is not mere ‘teaching respect’ or ‘fostering an inclusive environment’ but constitutes a mental health intervention for children who would otherwise likely desist in their adopted gender identity before adulthood.”

Instead of reading a transgender-themed book like Call Me Max to second graders, shouldn’t NPS teachers read stories that explain gender confused children are experiencing a transient phase?

Jay Greene, Senior Research Fellow in The Heritage Foundation’s Center for Education Policy, points out that “in the past, when girls suffering from depression and anxiety resorted to eating disorders or cutting to transform their external appearance to feel in control of their inner turmoil, all of the adults at school would recognize this as a problem that required coordination with parents to address; no one would have thought of eating disorders or cutting as the authentic expression of a child’s true self that required affirmation and secrecy from parents.” (Commentary, September 2022)

Policy solutions are critical to reduce health risks and uphold guaranteed parental rights

Why don’t Natick parents have a say in public school instruction that can cause gender confusion and mental health problems for any child? According to a recent parental rights legal victory in Wisconsin, parents’ rights to control the upbringing and education of their children is grounded in the 14th Amendment. Numerous mental health experts, two of whom presented affidavits for the case, said that identifying as another gender early in life can affect mental health negatively.

Successful school polices value the safety of all students; they don't impose harmful, ideological instruction on any child in the name of inclusion. We need leadership to care about and solve school policy problems that can negatively impact your child’s health. Demand the district adopt our proposed student exemption policy so parents can rightfully protect their children from harmful gender indoctrination.

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