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Is Drag Coming to Natick Public Schools Next? Former School Committee Member Performs Drag Show for Newton South School Event

This is a call to action for all Natick taxpayers, parents and caregivers with children in Natick Public Schools—there’s an urgent need to address the current approach to gender education policies and practices.

This week, Newton South—district of Natick Public Schools' former superintendent—hosted a drag show for students during school hours to promote LGBTQ+ awareness. The star performer? None other than a former Newton school committee member! 

Parents, it’s time to elect school committee members who we can trust and take seriously and who are serious about the safety, health and wellbeing of all children. Here in Natick Public Schools, we have school committee members who already adopt harmful policies and practices that:

Taxpayer resources shouldn’t be used to propagate a specific—and potentially harmful—political perspective on gender identity. Education in Natick Public Schools should be safe, balanced, fact-based, and free from ideological bias.

It's clear that school leadership is failing many families. Let’s do everything we can to stop the madness and reclaim our schools from radical and irresponsible school committee members and administrators.

Sign up for our weekly emails. Vote (in March) for School Committee candidates who care about a safe and unbiased education for all children and stand up for parental rights! 


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